Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year :) and more about me

I would like to take a moment to wish a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016 to my recipient families.

As a Dad of my own three boys, I know how important this time of year is.

Wondering about my 'anonymity' and whether there is any point to it, my friends and family know, and the NGDT know.

I'm sort of in the public eye in my area for local issues, and really I don't care too much about other's opinions about me if they don't agree with the fact that I am a donor.

I also wonder if any of the recipient families ever looked or found this blog. Who knows.

The snippet that I will pass on is that I donated at a private clinic located on the south coast of England.

Anyone looking in the right place on social media would be able to find my identity, or just add a comment.

Rambling over :)

Friday, 20 March 2015

Almost two football teams

I have had a very busy week, what with work, our three young boys, and some idiot having a head-on collision with my car which has written it off, I had forgotten that I had emailed the clinic for an update.

The email came this afternoon, to date, there have been:
  • 8 girls
  • 10 boys
born to 10 families.

In 2009 there were 7 births, in 2010 there were 3 births, and in 2012 there were 8 births.

Paperwork is all good for the next few years, and the clinic has an ample supply of straws should the families choose to have siblings for their children.

A very nice note was also included in the email from the clinic:
Your donations have made a huge difference to a very many peoples’ lives and we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for this.

It is all very humbling for me.

I would like to wish all of the families, the Mums and Dads, grandparents and above all - the children, all the best for the future.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Year 8 is here

It's been around 8 years since I started this journey, so here's a quick update from me.

My wife and I have three healthy, lovely young boys. We've chatted to them about, "Daddy helping out other grown-ups" which they accept without any difficult questions. I'm happy to answer those questions if/when they do arise.

I've just contacted my clinic to ask them if all of my donations have been used, and if not, whether they would like an extension to retain my donations - the paperwork I have gives 10 year retention.

Finally, and the piece I am also curious about - how many children / families are there?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I'm finally infertile!

Great news!

After 10 months - I am finally infertile.

There are a few sperm in my samples - but the doctor said during my telephone consultation that these are dead stragglers, and due to my prior high sperm count.

Okay - so goodbye contraception - hello spontaneity.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Try, try and try again

Another sample submitted today to see if my Vasectomy is now complete.

Fingers crossed - and in a few weeks time I'm hoping to get a letter back saying that everything is clear and I'm sperm-free...

To follow-up from an earlier post - the aches and pains of the vasectomy operation have pretty much gone.

I love my children - they are great - but three is enough for us, knocking on a bit now in my early 40's and well - to be honest I'm no longer a spring-chicken.  If in the meantime an 'accident' occurs due to the Rhythm Method Contraception we are using - then we'll just deal with our choice.  There's always room for one more ...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sperm Count Fail Again

So another test and another failure. This is now getting very boring, having had the operation over 7 months ago.

So another pot and another test coming up soon ...!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Seven Months on since the Vasectomy

So I guess since my vasectomy in November, the general aches and pains are over, but there still needs to be much care when manipulating the area operated on - and intercourse that is as frequent as every day does result in a dull ache for the next 18 or so hours - something that I've not experienced before.

I hope after a year or so that this does pass - as it is not that comfortable but in the longer term it should all be worth it - in the meantime it's still condoms and the rhythm method.  The former is an absolute bore - imagine going for a meal, ordering the meal - then being fed a large portion of cardboard before it's time to eat.  When it comes round to the main course - sans wellington boot it's all a bit of a chore.

The rhythm method is not a bundle of laughs - of course the risk of a 'bonus' pregnancy is always there - and should it happen we'd of course go through with it - despite the huge financial impact and inconvenience, we'd not be able to live with ourselves.  Although not legally viable till, what, 24 weeks, a life is a life - and part of our family.

Okay - that's a lot about me - hoping for a 'negative' result on the sperm front very soon, positive for the all clear.